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Am I free to travel?


Rupert Macabee: They have every man in a straightjacket and without a passport he can’t move a toe. In a free world they violate the natural rights of every citizen. They have become the weapons of political despots. If you don’t think as they think you’re deprived of your passport. To leave a country is like breaking out of jail. And to enter a country is like going through the eye of a needle. Am I free to travel?
King Shahdov: Of course you’re free to travel.
Rupert Macabee: Only with a passport!
King Shahdov: Would you allow me to say something?
Rupert Macabee: Only with a passport! Do animals need passports?
King Shahdov: Have you finished?
Rupert Macabee: It’s incongruous that in this atomic age of speed we are shut in and shut out by passports.
King Shahdov: If you’ll shut up and let somebody else talk!
Rupert Macabee: And free speech, does that exist?
King Shahdov: No, you’ve got it all.

[Για τον Omad.]

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