«Dross on the Wound»-D. Sevastakis

06 Μαρ.

Ημερίδα στο Ινστιτούτο Πουλαντζά

Ημερίδα στο Ινστιτούτο Πουλαντζά

The grey eminences behind the European adjustment programs, the grey eminences that inhabit the structures of e-bureaucracy, the structures of party and parastatal bondage, shudder with fear, when confronted with Chavez’s coarseness and immense popularity. […] But Chavez left his mark not solely upon the ataxic-antipodal underside attached to all this, but also on a collective bole that enters and traces the future, be it by death and dying. […] So Chavez effects a leveraging of a creeping, levitative political passion.[*] What is, though, this levitative political passion? Is it a joint-ventural love or, simply, a fundamental structural impotency that ingrafts the nepotistic network-centered greek-drama stage? In other words, should one seek the «Unheimlichkeit» in the wake of international superstardom, for the sole reason that one’s «heimlich» is darkly and turbid? It is so far TRAGIC. How the likes of Mr. Spiliotopoulos, Mr. Georgiadis, Mr. Chrysochoïdis, Mr. Pachtas and their ilk, could ever staff and man this talented political-problem solving constellation destined to resolve, decide and inspire? How could the likes of Mr.Venizelos, Mr. Yakoumatos, Mr. Lykouretzos assume the role of helmsmen, so as to take upon themselves the task of steering the collective demand? And who in their right mind would claim that their profiles are worthy of gracing the flaming placards of a great redistributive, reflexive, victorious assault on the winter palace?

D. Sevastakis, «Dross on the Wound» (Πηγή φωτός:
(μετάφραση από τα συριζαϊκά: waltendegewalt)

[*] *[εναλλ. μετάφραση «a lingering fart odour of a-political p-Ass-ion»].

[**] Προς κεντρικά γραφεία ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, για όλες τις μεταφραστικές σας ανάγκες (σε ανταγωνιστικότατες τιμές) dkoss69 [at] gmail com — Αgence Dou-Kou «Πολιτικές Μεταφράσεις με αξιώσεις ποιότητας».


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